AMBITARE Achitecture Strategies is a leading part of the winner team of the C40 global competition for innovative carbon-free and resilient urban projects in Spain.

Campus for Living Cities’ goal is to boost the South Campus of the Polytechnic University of Madrid by making it a key research center for urban ecology and biodiversity conservation, and for technological innovations to improve energy efficiency and sustainability.

Campus for Living Cities will be an iconic zero emissions architectural complex to become a testing ground for pioneering measures to enhance sustainability. The powerful virtual monitoring platform facilitates communication and transparency, allowing energy simulation and prediction to foster further research.

The project is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the university and local companies that facilitate entrepreneurship, dissemination of knowledge and commitment towards global sustainable development goals. It aims to enhance campus life and create connections to the local neighborhood to enrich a diverse ecosystem.

Campus for Living Cities is located on a large green area, that will support the rehabilitation to recover local biodiversity. The amphitheater at the entrance of the university is designed to become the social meeting point on site. The student residence is the central element of campus life. The Arboleda building and the Impact Hub will connect research and teaching activity of the university.

Key Components & Solutions

• The Campus for Living Cities is a positive energy student hub combining sports and art facilities, housing and a green corridor next to the rehabilitated laboratory.

• The existing building will be reactivated by hosting research projects for urban ecology and sustainability.

• The passive design will minimize the energy consumption, allowing the site to be Net Zero Energy.

• Biodiversity is enhanced by buildings covered in holes and nooks that create habitats for animals, insects and plants. This will furthermore have a cooling effect on the campus protecting residents from increased and prolonged heat waves.

• The project carefully manages water consumption by applying efficient measures of usage, increasing the overall resilience of the site.

Madrid is leading the way towards a carbon-neutral future!  Four local design projects are winners of @C40 Cities #ReinventingCities competition. One of the winning projects, Campus for Living Cities, will create an zero-emissions research center and student hub on the South Campus of @Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Find out more ?

SITE: Vallecas, Spain